Friday, April 25, 2014

Favorite Teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week

It's Time to Appreciate What Teachers Have Done for Us!

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  Everybody has their own entitled opinion to what they or who they like.  So, If you are in 5th grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, and even 8th grade you are entitled to who your favorite teacher is here in Lopatcong Middle School.  You get to decide who your favorite teacher is.  For 8th Graders, you can decide who your favorite teacher is from 5th, 6th, and 7th grade.  Whoever, your favorite teacher is anywhere and anytime.  People can comment on this blog (that go to Lopatcong Middle School) who there Favorite is.  I will Kindly list them below if you forget. Oh and don't let me forget your favorite specials teachers.

5th Grade:
  • Mrs. Balogh- Social Studies
  • Mrs. Bellfy- Math
  • Mrs. Greene- Language Arts, Reading
  • Mrs. Hall- Life Science
  • Mrs. Cherry- Language Arts, Reading
  • Mrs. Warncke- Resource Teacher
  • Mrs. Pearson- Resource Teacher
6th Grade:
  •  Mrs. Raniszewski- Reading
  • Mrs. Nasi- Language Arts
  • Mrs. Ruane- Social Studies
  • Mr. Hank- Math
  • Mrs. Bercaw- Resource Teacher
  • Mrs. Beenders- Earth Science
  • Mrs. Mahoney- Resource Teacher
7th Grade:
  • Mrs. Thompson- Language Arts
  • Mr. Thompson- Resource Teacher
  • Mrs. Lee- Reading
  •  Mr. Mac- Math
  • Mrs. Duffy- Life Science
  • Mrs. Fernandez- Social Studies
  • Mrs. Barna- Resource Teacher
8th Grade:
  • Mr. Melhman- Physical Science
  • Mr. Genzale- Math
  • Mr. Osifchin- Social Studies
  • Mrs. Spigner- Reading
  • Mrs. Knarr- Language Arts
  • Mrs. Gable- Resource Teacher
  • Mrs. Dziedzic- Resource Teacher
Specials Teachers:
  • Mr. Alvino- Gym and Health
  • Mrs. Cumisky- Gym and Health
  • Mrs. Von-Essen- Gym and Health
  • Mr. Bradley- Spanish
  • Mrs. Hingelberg- Music
  • Mrs. Curzi- Art
  • Mrs. Bower- Technology


  1. My favorite Teacher would have to be Mrs. Duffy

  2. In my opinion, my personal favorite teacher would be Mr. O (Mr. Osifchin).